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Safe And Effective Functional Training Tool – Medicine Ball

Speaking of sports training, we first are football, because of the recent European Championships.

But today we will talk about different balls--medicine ball (Medicine balls).

Fitness industry friends are not unfamiliar, medicine ball is commonly found in many functional training is not only a training tool for professional athletes, is also very useful for general fitness enthusiasts.

That's right, today we have science about this very useful little tool.

It is said that medicine ball's origins can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, Persian wrestler medicine ball exercises. Ancient Greece famous physician Hippocrates considered medicine ball is indispensable to the injured patients regain movement, he also recommends people as much as possible during regular use, because the medicine ball can play a role in maintaining a healthy.

The word medicine Medicine ball, has long been synonymous and health. To cite an example, Renaissance, Hieronymus Mercurialis doctor recommended in the book De Arte Gymnastica we all exercise should be to use a device, we can see today, this instrument is the medicine ball. In the book he called "medicinal gymnastics" (medical gymnastics, gymnastics or health), use the word medicinal, drug is added into wish to stress through regular exercise ball, you can play a role in injury prevention.

Although medicine balls this tool already used by people for thousands of years, but the name itself is only hundreds of years of history. Call out the name of drug balls in 1889, Professor Roberts. An article in Scientific American that year, Roberts created a "medicine ball" the word used to refer to physical fitness and help digestion, keeping people regain their health or fitness balls.

Due to "health" and "medicine" are synonyms, so called "medicine ball" is the most natural thing. Today we are still called the medicine ball, but health and medicine has been in the English language are two different words.