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Our Country Sports Fitness Equipment Industry Chain Gradually Mature

Fitness equipment for classification according to use can be divided into household, commercial, two. With the development of society and economy increase, people's life quality has been improved. Has become the pursuit of the goals of healthy living, and, in recent years the Government also supports the development of sports, ushered in the fitness equipment industry development in our country under the background of many good and driving force for development. Consumers will rely more and more on fitness products, especially home fitness products, but compared to household equipment and commercial equipment, home fitness equipment market share and rapid growth.

At present, in particular some coastal cities in China have set up fitness equipment manufacturer, domestic companies in the fitness industry can produce many kinds of products, there are also belong to the reprocessing of foreign brand, OEM, there was the creation of its own brand of enterprise. 60% of Chinese-made products account for the global market, export turnover as much as $ 2 billion a year, so our fitness equipment areas of export-oriented development goals are. Before the producer of fitness equipment OEM OEM production, with the development of the industry, starting in the domestic and international markets to compete with European and American brands.