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How To Use Sandbags Fitness

1, in boxing training should hit hard fill sandbags. Best punching bag boxing training usually fills very hard, made from leather, sandbag filling more stable, you can continuously out of the ring.

2, sandbag training, stand punch sandbags and moving around. In each group after the punch, JAB move left or right, dodging from one side to the other, then fight back. Starting from the fourth round, a straight right and left hook to hit the punching bag, just like hitting the opponent. When the bell rang, a heavy to end the round.

3, sandbag exercises should dry fire practice. Starting from basic, gradually increase in strength.

4, and you must envisaged before stands with one ferocious of enemy a step a step to you forced came, you must best to prevention, and counter, and heavy hit! cannot lightly, so-so! once hit empty has, immediately changes should way, always put sandbags imagine into a people, diversion, introduction Shang hit Xia, Hoang left hit right, and defense counter, and Dodge returned fire, and imagine rich to combat sandbags, and real wartime you since will was this practice brings of benefits.

5, the coordination of relaxation can make you faster, hit a more powerful, more energetic, observe the three-minute group immediately relax the shoulders, arms, kicking kept a group, doing some massage action.

Putt 6, brute force can only hit the sandbags away oscillatory force through sandbags, punching bag is a high-frequency seismic not swing far, this is the fist strike broke out through strike force.

7, if you want to spank sandbags? not really, you can play two or three times a week. Hitting the strength, three minutes set, if it is to play, to play 6x3 or 9x3 round, in order to exercise full of physical endurance.

8, punching sandbag with air strikes, jump rope together. In the one-day exercise, playing arrangements sandbags can be in the final, will practice in the previous.